How Sunset Overdrive Could Have Anticipated Doctor Octopus from Marvel’s Spider-Man


Sunset Overdrive is an adrenaline—fueled adventure game with cheeky slapstick humor and an arsenal of creative Insomniac firearms. The workaround and creative armament is Insomniac Games’ bread and butter, and they’ve also made his other games like Ratchet and Clank as fun as they are. Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac has been out for a long time, and probably Insomniac will become an intellectual property that Insomniac will give priority to in the future, while Marvel’s Wolverine and other games are also being developed.

Looking back at Insomniac’s pedigree, it’s important to recognize how impressive and meaningful Sunset Overdrive was as its own unique intellectual property, and how much of its gameplay and open-world features will ultimately inspire Marvel’s Spider-Man. Also, now that fans are looking back at both games, it seems obvious that Marvel’s Doctor Octopus “Spider-Man” was anticipated back in “Sunset Overdrive.”

Sunset Overdrive Lays the Groundwork for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Looking back and looking back to 2022, not to mention 2018, it becomes clear that Sunset Overdrive served as the foundation and foundation for Marvel’s own open world and Spider-Man walkthrough. Sunset Overdrive takes a funny and comedic approach to the post-apocalyptic setting of Sunset City with bombastic characters and factions that are much less horrific or malicious than post-apocalyptic factions are usually portrayed.

These factions occupy the open world of Sunset Overdrive, which is completely designed for a stylish passage. It is never explained how or why the unnamed and custom Sunset Overdrive game character can jump great distances and heights or perform any superhuman acrobatics they are capable of, but Insomniac makes fun of all the holes without exception in his narrative and his fourth wall-breaking. As a result, this is an important part of the Sunset Overdrive humor.

This detour is a blueprint that fans will then see applied in Marvel’s own Spider-Man detour, which is rightfully superhuman. Players obviously can’t swing in a spider’s web in Sunset Overdrive, but many animations, from running up walls and jumping off the ground to pole vaulting, are similar if not identical to the animations in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The player’s speed is much lower in Sunset Overdrive, probably due to how often players also have to shoot at mutated ODS scattered across streets and rooftops.

In addition, players are constantly switching from an aerial dash to a canopy-bounce, for example, to an underground and collect in-demand resources related to each type of passage in the game. Players don’t collect resources like in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but instant decision-making about passing is also a fundamental part of the gameplay and perfectly sets up Insomniac to knock Marvel Spider-Man out of the park.

Sunset Overdrive’s Final Boss Appears to Be a Direct allusion to Doctor Octopus

Sunset Overdrive’s latest boss, The Building, is a large section of the building that separates from FizzCo headquarters after the player character launches a giant Overcharge bottle into it. This skyscraper is controlled by FizzCo’s mascot, Fizzy, who is a robot himself and can talk like other intelligent enemies-Sunset Overdrive robots.

One of the notable parts of his anatomy is his giant mechanical arms, which look identical to the usual iterations of Doctor Octopus’ own mechanical arms. The tentacles of the Building have three-pronged appendages at the ends, forming claws for grabbing, just as the tentacles of Dr. Otto Octavius were created to extract things. The similarity between both designs could have been purely coincidental, but based on how incredibly similar they are, Insomniac may have designed this boss as a preface to what kind of supervillain she would like to show if she ever developed a Spider-Man game. .

This theory might not have stood up to any criticism if Insomniac had not introduced Doctor Octopus as the main antagonist in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it was and thus supports the idea that one could inspire the other. Doctor Octopus from Marvel’s Spider-Man got tentacles that are different from their classic look, but perhaps this was another stage in the development of Insomniac as a precursor to what he would do with a Spider-Man game, very similar to how the unique Sunset Overdrive bypass styles were implemented.f

Marvel’s Spider-Man is already available on PS4 and PS5. The PC version will be released on August 12.