How Shooting “Welcome to Platteville” Hurt Kim & Barry’s Marriage


Welcome to Plathville Viewers have noticed that Kim and Barry Plath are not on the same wavelength, and many believe that filming a TV show complicated their marriage. The once loving couple now live separately from each other, trying to get much-needed space. With so many eyes on the Boards, it was inevitable that the foundation of their relationship would collapse.

Barry and Kim couldn’t be more different when it came to their personalities, as Barry was more reserved and Kim seemed to be in control of the situation. Barry always seemed like a wet blanket to fans, whose opinion was often thrown aside to follow Kim’s strict rules. While Kim was often accused of narcissism, Barry was scolded for his condescending tone. Together, Kim and Barry made an amazing couple, but were they always like that, or did filming their lives for “Welcome to Platteville” contribute to their problems?

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Without a doubt, “Welcome to Plattville” did not show Barry and Kim in the best light. Instead, he emphasized how disconnected the couple is from their children and the outside world. Immediately, fans reacted harshly to the parents from Georgia, often accusing them of harboring their children. For four seasons, Kim and Barry gave the impression of manipulators, and the fans did not give them an ounce of grace. Constant hatred from trolls could easily damage a couple’s marriage, causing it to collapse.

Kim and Barry Plath got married in July 1997. The couple claims that God told them to marry each other during Sunday service. Fans know that their Christian fundamentalist religion is important to both of them, and they have decided to raise their children with the same faith. Barry and Kim have had several difficult periods in their marriage, including the loss of their son Joshua in a freak accident after Kim hit him with the family car.

The fourth season of “Welcome to Plattville” showed that Kim and Barry had reached an impasse, and Kim decided to go out and live her own life. The mother made it clear that she would like to follow her passion for dancing once again and open a dance studio. Kim stunned fans during the premiere by wearing a shorter skirt and a revealing top. Fans found Kim hypocritical because she forbade her daughters to dress like that. Barry isn’t used to cooking dinner for his kids, but it looks like he’ll be spending more nights at home unless they decide to stop filming and focus on mending their relationship.