How She Hulk Fans Bring Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool To The Post-Credit Fiasco


The Marvel cinematic universe has always been in the spotlight, regardless of whether they release a movie or not. This is one of the most popular film franchises, which has a lot of TV series and superhero movies behind it. The MCU is a hot topic, and fans can’t seem to get enough of the drama that develops out of it. Similarly, another series from the Marvel cinematic universe, The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney, has become a byword for good or bad reasons.

One scene in particular attracted a lot of fan attention. The part featuring rapper Megan Thee Stallion divided Marvel fandom into two parts, as some believe it would have been a different story if Ryan Reynolds had shot a similar scene in Deadpool. But what is the scene about?

“Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds is embroiled in a dispute about the Hulk Woman

The scenes after the MCU credits have always been of great importance in cinema. Similarly, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is no exception. However, this time it seems that Marvel has chosen a different approach. In one scene, Jen helps her former colleague win a court case against Asgard, who impersonated Grammy-winning rapper Megan T. Stud. However, what Jen does after winning is surprising to some.

Jen (Tatiana Maslany), along with Megan’s impersonation in the MCU, begins twerking in the courtroom. According to some fans, both the Hulk Woman and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool are unfiltered characters, and if Ryan was treated with appreciation and praise, Jen should also receive a similar response. In addition, both films had strange scenes after the credits, but the reaction to them was the opposite.

The comparison between them occurs because “Deadpool” and “The Hulk Woman” are comedy dramas, and both characters are frank in their eccentricity. Meanwhile, the scene was completely unexpected and took fans by surprise. However, while the scene scares off some viewers, it also adds variation to the franchise.


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