How Shark Week’s Great White Serial Killer Special Reveals a Tragic Secret, According to the EP


Shark Week returns to Discovery with a list of new releases in 2022, which means the return of some fan-favorite series such as “Air Jaws” and “The Great White Serial Killer.” This year’s issue of Great White Serial Killer is called Fatal Christmas and will tell the story of a surfer who died off the coast of California on Christmas Eve 2021. solves a tragic mystery.

In the game Great White Serial Killer: Fatal Christmas, Great White shark attack investigators use forensic evidence and eyewitness reports to try to connect the dots about what happened and answer the question of which shark killed the surfer. Viewers will have to tune in to see the journey, but executive producer Jeff Curr spoke about his work in the franchise and how investigators solved the case, saying:

I’ve been working on a series called “The Great White Serial Killer” since 2013, and these have been extremely popular episodes because we really study the behavior of great white sharks as they are related to attacks on humans. What we’re going to talk about in “The Great White Serial Killer: Fatal Christmas” is a man who was killed by a big white at Morro Bay on Christmas Eve last year. In fact, we were able to determine the exact size of the shark involved, and then eventually found the exact shark. We know his name. We know he was there. And all this is thanks to new technologies, satellite technologies.

Shark Week has been gaining momentum and growing since its debut in 1988, but the use of satellite technology to solve the mystery of the killer shark probably could not have been achieved even a few years ago. “Fatal Christmas” will provide some answers to questions about what happened on Christmas Eve 2021, but this is not the only purpose of this investigation. Jeff Curr continued:

Ultimately, we are looking into this attack, but we also want to prevent attacks in the future by informing people when sharks are in their area and when they should avoid the water, as well as what they should do to try to avoid being attacked. But [it’s] a very emotional and moving story of this guy, Thomas Butterfield, who was killed by a great white shark, and you really get to know his story, and it’s just amazing to think that we can pinpoint the shark that killed him. This has never been done before. So another amazing show that we were able to put together this year.

Jeff Curr certainly has the Shark Week experience to vouch for when shows are particularly awesome, as he’s been involved in Shark Discovery Programming Week for decades. It also has at least four issues that are airing this year. “The Great White Open Ocean” was a cinematic special, telling about the “wonderful” story of his friend’s survival against all odds, and in Air Jaws: Top Guns, two of the most familiar faces of Shark Week will appear, who will try to make history. Shark House will be Kurr’s fourth special offer in 2022.

Be sure to tune in to Discovery on Monday, July 25 at 21:00. ET to catch Great White Serial Killer: Fatal Christmas as the latest installment of this deadly Shark Week series. It will be a night filled with shark action that is a must-see, starting with Stranger Sharks (featuring Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp) at 7 p.m. and continuing with Air Jaws: Tops Guns returned to South Africa in search of a great white breakout at 8 p.m. ET to lead to the Great White Serial Killer. The last edition of the evening will be Rise of the Monster Hammerheads at 22:00 Moscow time. ET with researchers looking for answers about two legendary great hammer heads.

To learn about additional viewing opportunities now and in the not-so-distant future, be sure to check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022 and visit CinemaBlend to learn more about Shark Week 2022 on Discovery. You can find more shark streaming content on Discovery+, which is also home to many crime series and documentaries.


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