How Shark Week will tell about the “wonderful” story of one person’s survival after a shark attack in a new format


Shark Week returns to Discovery for the 34th time, starting on July 24, and on the first evening there will be a special issue dedicated to the unique story of one person’s survival after meeting a great white shark in the format they are tuning in for the first time or watching for three decades – they haven’t tried before. Shark Week veteran, executive producer and Air Jaws creator Jeff Curr spoke with CinemaBlend to talk about a special release called Great White Open Ocean.

“The Great White Open Ocean” is one of three specials opening the first night of Shark Week this year, and viewers won’t want to miss it based on what Jeff Curr said about what will be in store. It will also be a special edition that has a personal connection with the producer, as it includes an incident with a friend and what happened after it. Kurra Preview:

“The Great White Open Ocean” is a film that tells the story of my friend, an experienced shark diver named Jimi Partington. He really survived when he was hit from below by a 16-foot big white. We were able to capture this encounter on film, and this is probably the most exciting scene in the history of Shark Week. It’s also wonderful because when Jimi got hit by a shark, he didn’t have a scratch on him. He actually had to swim back to the boat to save his life, but he was fine. But there’s more to this movie than just this encounter.

Everything that can be called “the most exciting episode in the history of Shark Week” is a must-see, after all that the Discovery event has already been broadcast since 1988, including everything from fan-favorite Air Jaws specials to celebrity appearances (including a gang of Weirdos last year), the participation of famous athletes (for example, Michael Phelps proves he’s faster than a shark) and more.

Fortunately, Great White Open Ocean is the story of Jimi Partington’s recovery after his “miraculous” survival without a scratch, as well as the first incident. Jeff Curr elaborated on how the special will cover what followed the encounter with the 16-foot-tall great white, saying:

I think what makes the Great White Open Ocean such an incredible story is that we’re following Jimi’s comeback as he tries to dive with the Great Whites again, trying to overcome the post-traumatic stress disorder he had after the first incident to try to get back into the saddle. And then he almost dies a second time. I don’t want to reveal what happened the second time — that would be a spoiler — but both times I was with him. It was an extremely emotional, difficult situation for me to be with this guy, because he is my friend, and to see him almost die twice, and to film it, and tell his story… It’s just stunningly visually beautiful. , and a very touching emotional story.

Anyone who wants to return to the Great Whites after a horrific encounter is sure to get a fascinating story; in the case of Jimi Partington, viewers will see him go through another near-death experience before the special ends, but they’ll have to tune in Sunday night to see the details of his journey.

If everything Jeff Curr shared with CinemaBlend about the Great White Open Ocean sounds different than what Shark Week fans usually expect from Discovery during the most shark-infested week of the year, there’s a good reason for that. He explained the key point that he stands out for and his hopes for the audience’s reaction.:

[These are] things that are not usually associated with Shark Week, but I was very glad that some of the senior executives of Shark Week supported this project and allowed me to make it in a kind of movie format. It’s a longer format than the one that usually takes place in Shark Week, but it’s just a beautiful, amazing story. And I hope everyone watches it and loves it.

The world premiere of the Great White Open Ocean will take place on Sunday, July 24, at 22:30. ET on Discovery as one of the special offers opening the very first day of Shark Week 2022. The night starts with the Great White Battleground at 8 p.m. Eastern European time and continues with the “Week of the Shark Cranks 2.0” (with the participation of the actors of the franchise “Cranks” for the second time) at 21:00 Moscow time. ET.

Jeff Curr has three more specials to air as part of the 2022 event on Discovery, including the newest edition of Air Jaws with bent Top Gun on Monday night. It should be a great week for fans of the event… although probably not the best week for seals, as usual! Stay tuned to CinemaBlend to learn more about Shark Week, and check out our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to learn about other upcoming screenings.


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