How Robert Downey Jr. Allegedly contacted Johnny Depp after the verdict in the libel case


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been making headlines for years as their long legal battle continues. The situation reached a climax when their libel case began in Virginia, when the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and his representative largely emerged victorious in court. And now we know how Robert Downey Jr. allegedly contacted Depp after the verdict in the libel case was handed down.

With cameras in the courtroom, the public closely followed every moment of the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in Virginia. The result was a court of public opinion, countless memes and TikTok. And according to the New York Post, Iron Man himself, aka Robert Downey Jr., contacted Depp via FaceTime shortly after the verdict was passed in his favor.

This information about the correspondence between Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. was confirmed by The Post, but was initially disclosed by Depp’s close friend Josh Richman during a charity event. He said that the FaceTime conversation between the two celebrities took place shortly after the end of the defamation trial. Although most of this conversation is private and conducted between two celebrities, Richman told one thing that RDJ said to the actor Edward Scissorhands:

John, thank God it’s over.

This opinion was undoubtedly supported by Johnny Depp himself, who in the last few years has focused his attention on various court battles. Because before the defamation trial, Depp sued the British news agency The Sun for what it called his wife beating. But that case didn’t go so well, as the courts eventually ruled against the actor, who focused his attention on the lawsuit against Amber Heard taking place in the US.

Throughout the libel case, Johnny Depp’s team claimed that the actor was not interested in receiving money from Amber Heard, but simply wanted to clear his name. Now that he has succeeded in this endeavor, it should be interesting to see how the 59-year-old actor’s career eventually recovers from the controversy. As for Heard, it remains to be seen whether she will be able to pay the whopping $10 million the jury settled on.

Even for those who don’t know Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, Robert Downey Jr.’s feelings of relief may still sound plausible. After all, the news cycle dominated for several weeks while the defamation trial played out on TV. And although the public continued to follow every update of the current situation, things definitely calmed down a bit.

While it remains to be seen how Johnny Depp’s career is recovering now after his court victory, he has certainly been busy. Multidefis was not present when the verdict in the defamation case was announced, because he was already in Europe performing as a musician. Music seems to be the focus of Depp’s attention as he reunites with his famous supergroup Hollywood Vampires. It is also expected that Depp will soon begin filming his first film, where he will play Louis XV. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.