How rich is Lee Min Ho? How much does this player earn


How much does Lee Min Ho earn? His popularity in drama has made him a world star, the wealth of this actor will surprise you.

When we talk about Korean dramas, there are some series that have already become classics, but there are also actors and actresses who have gained the attention of the public, either because of their great talent or their participation in successful productions.

Lee Min Ho combines charisma, skills, and various roles in K-Dramas that were seen around the world, making him now a familiar face to all fans of Asian series.

His popularity has made him one of the highest paid in South Korea, but can you imagine how much money he has made as a Hallyu figure?

Here’s a glimpse of this influential actor who has starred in dramas like The Heirs, Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, and The King: Eternal Monarch.

We have known many facets of Lee Min Ho throughout his career with various roles, some vocal performances, and also through advertising, but each of these activities brings him incredible returns.

According to reports, Lee Min Ho charges around $ 57,000 per episode for a K-Drama. Having this actor in a production is quite expensive, but it is also a way to ensure a large audience.

If Lee Min Ho were to charge this figure during a 16-episode drama, he would be making approximately $ 912,000, but if it were a 24-episode series, the figure would increase significantly.

To that we must add that this famous celebrity also works as a commercial model, works in photo shoots with various brands and magazines, but also has appearances on some television shows, although that happens very occasionally and to a great extent. part could be due to the amount of money it would cost a television company.

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Lee Min Ho’s assets are estimated to be around $ 10 million, however, this is a figure that was calculated before he returned to work on television after completing his military service, so it is likely that the figure is now higher.

Although Lee Min Ho has great wealth that allows him to live in an exclusive area of ​​Gangnam in South Korea and own some luxury cars, he also dedicates part of his earnings to social causes through his foundation, PROMIZ.

Did you imagine how much this actor earned? We also recently told you about all the movies and K-Dramas that Lee Min Ho has filmed throughout his career.


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