How rich is Jimin? Learn about the fortune of BTS’s idol


In these things Jimin from BTS invests his money, finds out more about his fortune. Jimin is part of one of the most famous K-pop groups in the world, the Bangtan Boys singer has worked hard to make a name for himself and a place within the competitive Korean pop industry.

Jimin’s talent and artistic abilities are undeniable, the ‘Filter’ singer knows how to conquer the audience when he stands on stage, each of his dance steps are professional and powerful.

Since his debut, Park Jimin has strived to be a star that guarantees an unforgettable show for ARMY, the performer from the city of Busan is considered one of the most charismatic idols of his generation.

This time we present you the approximate total earnings of Jimin, you will also know how the idol of Big Hit Entertainment invests his money and some luxuries that he has been able to give thanks to his fortune.

Most of the income Jimin receives is from his work as an idol at BTS, the Big Hit Entertainment band member receives money from the sale of concert tickets, collaborations, official merchandise, records and the use of his name and image. .

The South Korean singer also gets royalties from some songs he has composed for his group, such as: ‘Friends’ who sings with V, ‘Lie’ from the record material ‘Wings’ and ‘Boyz With Fun’, among other successful tracks.

Jimin’s total fortune is said to be $ 8 million.

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