How Playing She-Hulk Reminds Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black


The star of the movie “The Hulk Woman” Tatiana Maslany explains why the game “The Hulk Woman” reminds her of shooting at a black orphan. Maslany plays the main character of the Hulk Woman/Jennifer Walters in the upcoming Marvel series “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney.” The series focuses on a woman in her 30s who leads her double life as a lawyer and a 6-foot-7-inch green Hulk with superpowers. The Hulk Woman also stars Mark Ruffalo, Jamila Jamil, Tim Roth, John Segarra and Ginger Gonzaga.

Before The Hulk Woman, Maslany was best known for her roles in the BBC series Black Orphan. In this show, Maslany played Sarah Manning, a woman who, after seeing her exact double walking in front of a train, discovers that she is a clone. During the five seasons of The Black Orphan, Maslany portrayed 14 wonderful clones. Maslany won an Emmy Award for her work in The Black Orphan and was nominated for two others.

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Maslany says her role in The Hulk Woman movie is reminiscent of some of the skills she developed with Orphan Black. In an interview with Screen Rant in the Marvel press service at SDCC 2022, she compared the two projects. Maslany discussed that while Jennifer Walters remains the same person when “she becomes the Hulk Woman,” Jen “really occupies two completely different bodies.” The actress said that in some ways, the role then seemed “a bit of an extension of the Black Orphan,” as it raised similar themes of “identity, perception and aesthetics,” although Jennifer Walters has the same “consciousness” as Jennifer Walters. She’s the Hulk. Check out Maslany’s full quote below:

“Obviously, Jen’s consciousness remains the same when she becomes a Female Hulk. She never loses her sense of who she is. But she occupies two completely different bodies, so I had a lot of fun. I’m always interested in learning about identity, perception, aesthetics and all that. To explore this, it’s like a sequel to Orphan Black.”

Even though Maslany’s Black Orphan days are long gone, it’s interesting to see how this iconic performance affects her role in Marvel today. Although the actress has starred in a number of other TV shows and films, “Black Orphan” is by far her most famous role. In this show, she smoothly switched between playing different clones, even achieving performances in which she acted as one clone playing another clone in the world of the show. This experience, which has allowed her to master various accents, tones of voice, body posture and body language, will hopefully make her transition to the Hulk Woman more convincing. Maslany herself, acknowledging some similarities, already bodes well for her ability to exploit the remarkable aspects of her role as an Orphan in The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney.

Perhaps fans of “Black Orphan” will be able to notice these similarities between Maslany’s acting tactics in “Black Orphan” and “Hulk Woman” during the premiere of the show on Disney+. Until now, much of the early press about the Hulk Woman has been a critique of unconvincing green computer graphics. In an interview with Maslany, the actress offers a more positive view of the Hulk Woman, which bodes well for her potential performance. Soon, viewers will be able to witness this performance for themselves when the movie “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer” is released on Disney+ on August 17, 2022.


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