How old is sleep in the sandman?


How old is Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge) in The Sandman? Executive producer Neil Gaiman, who created “The Sandman” for DC Comics, Netflix’s supernatural fantasy adapts the first two volumes: “Preludes and Nocturnes” and “Dollhouse.” In The Sandman, Dream, also known as Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, will be joined by a variety of characters, including Lady Joanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman), Lucien (Vivien Achampong), Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook) and Dream’s older brother. Sister of Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste).

When The Sandman begins, Dream finds himself captured and imprisoned by a British magician named Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance). The self-proclaimed magician hoped to catch Death and force her to restore Burgess’ dead son, as well as grant the sorcerer eternal life. Instead, the sorcerer caught the king of dreams, whom he held captive for more than a century. When Dream inevitably escapes, he discovers that his kingdom, the Dream, lies in ruins, and he has lost the magical tools of his craft, his helmet, ruby and sandbag of dreams. Dream sets out on a quest to restore his strength and put the Dream in order in the first season of The Sandman, while old and new enemies plot to destroy Morpheus once and for all.

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Although Dream takes the mortal form of a tall, gaunt, pale man who prefers Gothic black, the Sandman is not mortal. As one of the Infinite, Sleep is an anthropomorphic personification that was born shortly after the universe was created and the first living beings were able to dream. Thus, the Dream is billions of years old. Like the rest of the Infinite, Dream is destined to exist until the last living beings die out in the universe. When there is no one left who could dream, Dream believes that he will cease to exist. However, despite the fact that he is almost as old as time itself, Dream is not omniscient, and he is prone to mistakes, having made many mistakes and enemies in his incredibly long life. In fact, “The Sandman” is a study of how Dream grows and changes after he is released from a hundred years of imprisonment.

How many years are Endless in the Sandman?

Dream is the third member of his family, Endless, along with Fate, Death, Destruction, Desire (Mason Alexander Park), Despair (Donna Preston) and Delirium. Everything Infinite is the children of Time, and Night is the mother of Sleep and, perhaps, some others. Since the Infinites were created shortly after life appeared in the universe, they are all billions of years old, and the younger of Dream’s siblings were born shortly after the life forms in the universe were capable of causing destruction or experiencing desire, despair or delirium.

The Infinite live in their own realms, which are the places of their power, and each has a gallery with symbols representing each brother and sister, which they use to summon each other. Although meetings are rare, Endless sometimes meet and even have lunch together. However, Destruction abandoned his duties, and the Prodigal Son left the Infinite long ago. Dream and Death are close, as well as Desire and Despair, but inside Infinity there is unrestrained rivalry between brothers and sisters. Desire’s particular hatred of Son fuels the disasters that the lord of the night realms faces in the first season of The Sandman. Despite the fact that they have existed for billions of years, the Infinite Ones are just as vicious, petty and noble as mortals in The sandman.


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