How old is Scott at the beginning and end of “The Wolf Cub” (film)


How old was Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) during the original screening of “Little Wolf” and how old will he be in the revived movie “Little Wolf” on Paramount+? Despite the fact that “The Wolf Cub” was an ensemble show, Scott McCall was its main character, and his character’s arc developed over six seasons and 100 episodes into a strong, ethical and loyal pack leader and alpha werewolf. Scott and his friends were still in high school during the show, growing up and growing up with each other, trying to save their hometown from any supernatural threat that invaded that season.

Despite the fact that there was no end in sight to evil in Scott’s hometown, Beacon Hills, Scott was always determined to ensure the safety of his friends and other innocent people, sometimes even at the cost of his own life. Scott’s character development in The Wolf Cub was astronomical, as he grew from a teenager who wanted to use his abilities to impress his lacrosse coach into a man who knew the value of power and refused to hurt others just because he could.

This transformation of character takes time. Naturally, many viewers are wondering about Scott’s age. How old was Scott during the development of his character during the six original seasons of “Little Wolf” and how old will he be in the new movie “Little Wolf”?

How old is Scott McCall at the beginning of “Little Wolf”?

“Wolf Cub” begins in the middle of Scott’s second year of high school, at the beginning of the spring semester. Scott’s birthday was set on September 16, 1994, according to the officially licensed Wolf Cub calendar. However, in the game for social networks “Wolf Cub” called “Hunting”, he is listed as October 6. Although he has two different “official” birthdays, this does not change the fact that Scott is 16 years old during the first season of “Little Wolf”, since spring semesters for high schools in California usually start working in January, and the show premiered in the same year when the show first aired, and it was in 2011.

How old is Scott McCall at the end of “Little Wolf”?

The sixth and final season of “The Wolf Cub” was divided into two parts. In season 6A, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia return to school for their last semester of high school, and in the last episode of season 6A, three friends finish their last day of high school. This would make Scott an 18-year-old during the events of season 6A. The action of season 6B of “The Wolf Cub” takes place in the summer, right after school. Stiles from The Wolf Cub (Dylan O’Brien) has started working as an intern at the FBI, and Scott and Lydia (Holland Roden) are preparing for college. Scott will still be 18 at the moment, regardless of which of his two birth dates is considered canonical.

The show’s epilogue, however, seems to take place a few years after the last summer in Beacon Hills, when Scott and most of his pack settled in Los Angeles, rescuing a young werewolf named Alec from a group of hunters. It is unclear how far into the future this epilogue takes place, although the Wolf Cub timeline (via Teen Wolf Wiki) indicates that it happened in 2015. That would make Scott 20 or 21 at the time, depending on the month.

How old will Scott McCall be in the movie “Little Wolf”?

New details about the “Wolf Cub” revival emerged during SDCC 2022, and an interview with creator Jeff Davis sheds light on how old Scott will be in the film. According to Davis, the time jump in the film will be more than some fans might expect. According to Davis himself: “I can tell you that it’s a leap forward in time, so we’re actually seeing the elder Scott McCall. Scott McCall is now older than Tyler Posey” (via Entertainment Weekly). Considering that Tyler Posey is now 30 years old, Jeff Davis wasn’t lying when he said it was a big leap in time compared to the series. At least a dozen or so years will pass.

It will be interesting to see how Scott has changed over time, and how the horrific events in Beacon Hills during his teenage years will affect his adult life. The lives of Scott’s friends will also change dramatically. With the return of many beloved actors and a synopsis that promises even deadlier enemies than any Scott and his friends have faced before, the film about the revival of “The Wolf Cub” promises to be something worth looking forward to.


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