How old is Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie vs. Games?


Uncharted presents a version of Nathan Drake that differs from the version from the video game series, with one of the key changes being his date of birth and age. The first Uncharted game was released in 2007, so it’s not surprising that a movie coming out in 2022 would want to update the birth time of its main character. Despite the fact that the characters from the Uncharted games in the film have certainly undergone significant changes, it looks more like the origin of Nathan Drake than it was seen in the source material.

If the younger age of Nathan Drake in the movie “Uncharted” was not enough to establish his status as a prequel, then the way he gets acquainted with important characters and elements from the games confirms this. A key detail of the film is Nate’s aversion to murder—something that was never mentioned in the games—which he seems to overcome well enough by the end when he finally uses a gun to defend himself. This is a younger, less experienced Nathan Drake; he is just coming to his senses before becoming a person introduced to the public in Uncharted games.

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How old is Nathan Drake in the movie Uncharted

Tom Holland’s choice for the role of Nathan Drake in “Uncharted” is exactly what the film sets out regarding the age of the character. The movie Uncharted shies away from too many details about Nathan Drake’s age, but says that he and Sam broke up when Nathan turned 10. Then the action takes place 15 years later, which suggests that Nate is about 25 years old. Although Holland has often portrayed younger characters, he is in his mid-twenties, and is perfectly suited to what Uncharted is trying to establish in the Nathan Drake origin story set in the film.

How old is Nathan Drake in video games

It has been confirmed several times that Nathan Drake’s age is 31 in the first Uncharted video game. Although the continuity between the two is rather weak, the adaptation still features a younger and greener Nathan Drake in the movie Uncharted than the one set in the game franchise. A potential movie based on Uncharted 2 is likely to show how he is increasingly turning into a character that viewers first met in games.

The action of the movie “Uncharted”, which takes place somewhere five or six years before the events of the first video game, deserves to be trusted as an acquaintance with the character of Nathan Drake: he still becomes an action hero whom the audience recognizes and loves. In this sense, Tom Holland is excellent. Nate isn’t who he’s going to be yet, but by the end of the first Uncharted movie, he’s close to becoming a familiar version of Nathan Drake.


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