How old is Jordan Fisher in “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between”


Warning: Contains SPOILERS for greetings, goodbye and everything in between

The American has a starring role in the 2022 Netflix teen romance, but exactly how old is Jordan Fisher in “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between”? The film tells the love story between Aidan (Fisher) and Claire (Talia Ryder), who agree to a separation agreement at the end of high school. However, perhaps because of the age difference between the actor and the character, many viewers are wondering if old Aidan really is.

“Hello, goodbye and everything in between” will tell about the couple Aidan and Claire, who is in the last year of high school and is preparing for college. To protect themselves from emotional trauma, Aidan and Claire agree to a separation agreement at the end of the summer. As a last romantic gesture, Aidan arranges an epic for him and Claire last night, so that they revisit the significant moments of their life together, exploring their true feelings in the process.

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Although actor Jordan Fisher is 28 years old and has an extensive resume behind him, Aidan should actually be a high school student, like his beloved Claire. On the contrary, actress Talia Ryder, who plays Aidan’s love interest, is much closer to the right age, she is only 19 years old. However, although there may be a slight discrepancy between Fischer’s age and his character, his experience in the genre of teen romance makes him an ideal choice for this role.

Jordan Fisher’s upcoming roles after “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between”

Following the pattern of the rest of his career, Jordan Fisher’s next project will be the animated musical Spellbound. In addition to his various acting roles (including the sequel “To All Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”, released by Netflix), Fisher also has a well-established career as a musician, emphasizing his singing skills. However, his role in the musical is not his only upcoming project. In addition to Spellbound, he is also due to appear in the popular animated series Alpha Betas in a cameo voice role, as well as in the novel Field Notes On Love, which is currently in preparation.

Will Jordan Fisher return to “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between 2”?

It is currently unknown if Jordan Fisher will return in the upcoming film “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between.” However, the ending of the film leaves the door open for a sequel in which Fischer could play a major role. In the finale of “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between,” Claire and Aidan come to terms with the fact that they still love each other, with no guarantee that the relationship will end well. This would allow the sequel to explore how the relationship might develop in the future. However, considering that “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between” is based on a book with the same ambiguous ending and no clear answers, any cinematic sequel is far from guaranteed.