How old is actor number five at Umbrella Academy in real life?


Warning: Contains potential SPOILERS for Season 3 Umbrella Academy.

In the Umbrella Academy, the Fifth should be 48 years old, but his actor, of course, is several decades younger than him. Aidan Gallagher is clearly talented, as he managed to portray the manners of a character who is much older than him. Fortunately, although his character should remain roughly the same age throughout all seasons of Umbrella Academy, Gallagher’s appearance hasn’t changed too much. This, combined with his acting abilities, still misleads viewers by the fact that the Fifth is a middle—aged man stuck in the body of a 13-year-old teenager.

Number Five was introduced in the first season, but his young age compared to his siblings was most noticeable. It turned out that the Fifth was actually a time-traveling killer who worked for the Commission, an organization designed to maintain the continuity of the space-time continuum. The reason for his youthful appearance was due to his attempt to travel through time at too young an age before he mastered his abilities. Reginald did warn him against this idea, but the Fifth at the age of 13 went to an apocalyptic future, preparing the events for the first season. From that moment on, the Fifth always looks young because he can’t get old, and while waiting for the other participants from Umbrella Academy to grow up, he became an increasingly mature personality that contrasted with his appearance.

The real actor of the Fifth, Aidan Gallagher, does not share the anti-aging abilities of the Fifth, and he is actually 18 years old. He will turn 19 in September, and it will be interesting to see how much his real physical maturity will affect his role as a Fifth. Nevertheless, Aidan’s real studies made him an ideal candidate for the role of an actor who was supposed to play a man who is several decades older than him. When he was just 14 years old, Aidan was appointed a UN goodwill ambassador. His performances and online activity in real life must have made the transition to a middle-aged man smooth.

The 3rd season of Umbrella Academy was postponed due to the start of Covid-19, and many had to train in the 3rd season through Zoom. Since Aidan Gallagher was 14 when he first appeared in the series, the years lost due to Covid risked Gallagher becoming a less suitable actor for the role as they used rejuvenating computer graphics. However, given the rumors that “Umbrella Academy” will last only one more season, the problem of Gallagher turning 20 after the fifth or sixth show of the show has been solved for the moment.

As already mentioned, Aidan Gallagher’s presence in real life reflects the maturity with which he approached his role in Umbrella Academy. The 4th season of “Umbrella Academy” has not yet received a red light, but due to the incredibly high attendance of the 3rd season, Netflix would have missed the chance if it had not renewed it for another season. Let’s hope that everyone’s favorite character of The Umbrella Academy will appear on the screens again.