How NIL Opened Door For USA Natural Patches To Strike Deals With NCAA Conferences – The Spun: What’s Trending In The Sports World Today


Name, image, and image deals have not only opened the doors for student-athletes to profit, but have also allowed some companies to maximize their potential.

For former Hofstra basketball player Jerry Castello, the approval of NIL deals allowed him to spread the word about his B1 Performance patch.

Castello founded the B1 Performance Patch in 2013. The key component of the patch is vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. When it comes to benefits, thiamine is packed with them.

“It improves your vision, improves blood flow, improves your central nervous system,” Castello told The Spun.

According to WebMD, thiamine is used to “strengthen the immune system, reduce heart disease and improve athletic performance.” The last part is key for athletes all over the world.

Despite the benefits that the B1 Performance Patch can offer, Castello said that the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) will not test the product. This temporarily halted the company’s growth. NCAA teams did not use patch B1 because it was not approved by the NSF. As soon as the NIL deals were approved, everything changed for Castello and the company.

As the number of players wearing B1 patches grew, the interest of schools in USA Natural Patches increased. As a result, this led to negotiations.

“If NSF was a killer for me, then NIL was a savior,” Castello said.

To date, Castello has managed to conclude deals with 90 Division 1 schools. The American Athletic Conference (AAC) recently agreed to become a partner of B1. Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), Big South and others have also concluded deals with USA Natural Patches.

Countless NFL players have been spotted using the B1 patch. Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Patriots quarterback Devin McCourty and Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker are just a few famous players who love this product.

“Once I couldn’t give them to anyone for free. Now I have some of the best athletes and business companies in the world calling me for Band-Aids.”

B1 patches have received SGS certification, which is another incentive for the company. This is of great importance in the minds of college program decision makers.

While this is not the main advantage of the B1 Performance Patch, the fact that athletes can customize their own is an added bonus.

Appalachian State quarterback Chase Bryce was spotted wearing his own B1 patch after the program’s poor win over Texas A&M last weekend.

B1 stripes also help athletes on the court. The BIG3 trilogy recently won the 2022 title when using patches.

Castello compared wearing the B1 patch to a marathon runner competing with an IV attached to it.

Although many high-level athletes use B1 patches, they are not exclusively designed for them.

B1 Performance Patches can be found on the website , as well as from national retailers. It is worth noting that “imposter patches” are available on the Internet, but Castello pointed out that only certain ingredients penetrate through the skin, one of which is B1.


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