How Netflix’s Bright Movie Changed His Life Forever


Instead of doubling down and taking on the same kinds of projects he’d been doing for years, Will Smith completely broke the mold. He realized that making a movie with a streaming service could earn him a decent salary, plus global exposure.

Although streaming movies now have the same status as movie releases, this was not always the case. Will Smith’s decision to star in a Netflix movie made many people think that his career was on the decline. But skeptics never understood that Will Smith is a great strategist.

He starred in Netflix’s Bright and the results were very good. Now, thanks to Will Smith opening the door, Hollywood’s biggest names have made deals with Netflix. Sandra Bullock or Robert DeNiro, to name a few.

Bright was Will Smith’s first foray into streaming

Fantasy and Comedy was Will Smith’s first time working with a streaming service. He was one of the first big-name actors to make the leap to a streaming platform, but it wasn’t without incentives.

Will Smith made $ 20 million from the film. Bright had the highest budget of any Netflix movie at the time, to the tune of $ 100 million and for Will Smith it was a means to his end.

The actor relied on the new digital presence that Bright allowed him and took to social media. He is now one of the most prominent influencers among all the big-name actors, prompting him to produce his own films, which makes him extremely attractive for streaming and traditional platforms. Thanks to the huge risk he took with Bright, Will Smith is now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

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