How Netflix influenced its users to make the series trend


Subliminal messaging is a mainstay for anyone trying to sell their products, and Netflix being the heavyweight that they are, they aren’t going to pass up such a clever marketing tool any time soon.

But sometimes even Netflix can influence its audience in a way it never intended to. Maybe it’s because we binge without thinking about their shows, maybe we’re too susceptible to suggestions … or maybe we need to give Netflix more credit than we think.

Queen’s Gambit came out at the end of October, just as an unprecedented spike in sales of chess boards around the world came to light. Related? Yes.

For Anyone, Gambit de Dame is a show adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, and you guessed it; it’s about chess. Well, not all about that, it’s actually a carefully crafted thriller based on a young woman whose interpersonal relationships lead her to make terrible, addiction-based decisions.

Sounds like a riot, right? But for whatever reason, audiences were captivated by the Queen’s Gambit story, the characters, the drinking and drug abuse, and surprisingly … the chess games.

I don’t know who decided it was a good decision to make a TV show based on such a slow and actionless game, maybe they saw other endings like Game of Thrnones and thought: chess … what an exciting journey, but whoever it is .

The Google search for “chess” peaked right after the release of Queen’s Gambit, and I’m sure many households on Christmas Day saw family members ripping papers out of new chess sets around the world.

Who knew that chess would be the highlight of such an intense drama? Well Netflix achieved something that many would not have imagined with Lady’s Gambit.


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