How much profit will the M1 processor bring to Apple?


Recently, Apple organized a surprise event. Within the scope of this event, the company; new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Mini. The most striking aspect of these products was that the computers were powered by the M1 processor produced by Apple. So how much profit will the ARM-based Apple M1 processor bring to the company? IBM announced its prediction on this issue.

Apple can save big with M1 processor

It has been said for a long time that Apple will produce and use its own processors. This situation has recently turned into reality. Subsequently, the return this step provided to the brand was also a matter of curiosity. Addressing this issue, IBM sought an answer to the question of how much profit the M1 processor will bring on an annual basis.

Apple will be able to make 2.5 billion dollars profit with the M1 processor. This forecast is based on many variables. The most important of these changes is the comparison of the cost of Intel processor Macbook and ARM based M1 processor Macbook cost.

Apple M1 işlemcisi - Apple M1 işlemci maliyeti

While the ARM based M1 processor costs $ 50, the Intel processor costs; It costs $ 200 for the Macbook Air and $ 250 for the Macbook Pro. The total cost of the Macbook Air with Intel processors and 5.4 million Macbook Pro with Intel processors sold is 3.2 billion dollars. When we make this calculation for ARM-based M1 processor versions, we see a total cost of 697 million dollars. This saves $ 2.5 billion for Apple.

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