How much of your score before Serasa pays a loan


This week Serasa presented Score Turbo, a new tool that will let consumers know how many points will be added to their score before paying a debt.

Developed with the objective of motivating consumers to pay their bills on time, the novelty will enable a faster increase in the credit score, a score given for each CPF. This count, which ranges from 0 to 1 thousand points, is used by banks, finance companies and other companies to grant credit.

With Serasa Score Turbo, you will be able to see how much your credit note score will increase if you close a boosted agreement and pay the debt. The tool will work in conjunction with Serasa Limpa Nome, a platform that allows you to consult pending issues and negotiate with creditors.

To obtain the benefit, it will be necessary to access the Serasa website or the institution’s app, register (if you do not already have one) and check if there are any “turbo offers” available. By renegotiating the debt and generating the boleto, the score increase will happen as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Raising the score

According to Serasa, the score is calculated based on the consumer’s financial behavior. Thus, some attitudes help to increase the score, such as paying the bills on time, consciously asking for credit, keeping the positive registration active and the name clean.

The closer to 1000 points, the greater the chances of having an approved credit. On the other hand, a very low score makes it difficult for the consumer.

Serasa’s expectation is that more than 1 million people will benefit from the new tool. However, only 15% of platform users have access to it at this time. The launch of Score Turbo for the entire customer base is scheduled for the next 21st.


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