How much money does Lee Jong Suk make?


How much money does Lee Jong Suk make? Learn about the fortune that the Korean actor has built thanks to his career.

The idol is a great figure in Korean entertainment thanks to dramas like “While you were sleeping”, “Romance is a bonus book”, “The Hymn of Death”, “Pinocchio” and “Doctor Strange”, among others. Since then, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after Korean actors, which allowed him to reap a great fortune.

He is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, but there is less than two months before he is discharged and can meet his fans again. Lee Jong Suk’s career started at a young age, debuting as the youngest model at the age of 15 and has served as an actor, MC, and singer.

The idol has been described as the most handsome Korean in the world, has also received several awards and recognitions, even shared his facet as a soloist when performing the OST of “While you were sleeping”. His income has allowed him to found his own agency called A-MAn Project and open his own 89 MANSION coffee shop in Gangnam, one of the richest neighborhoods in the country.


Thanks to his 15-year career, Lee Jong Suk has earned millions of dollars, it is said at the beginning of his fame he earned 42 thousand dollars per episode, reaching the figure of 110 thousand greenbacks for his role in “While you weere sleeping “.

But his earnings come not only from being an actor in Korean dramas, but also from his modeling work in ad campaigns for well-known brands like Levi’s, Vogue Korea, and GUESS. Their fanmeetings sell out in seconds and each ticket is around $ 255, Lee Jong Suk’s popularity comes at a price thanks to his talent.

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Although there are no official figures, Lee Jong Suk’s trajectory allows him to have a luxurious and first-class lifestyle, he recently acquired a property for 4 million dollars, located in the exclusive neighborhood of Hannam, where other Korean celebrities live. . Previously, he lived in an apartment whose rent was $ 15,000.

Like all Koreans, Lee Jong Suk takes great care of the fashion he uses and in his outfits he spends more than 5,000 bills, since he has always been characterized by a serious and formal look, each garment has a great cost, a watch can cost more than 100 thousand. The actor also has style when driving, his Porsche car is sold on the market for 150 thousand tickets.

Lee Jong Suk earns more than 1 million a year, ranking in the top 10 of the richest Korean celebrities and his net money is around 10 million dollars, which he uses to make large donations. 15 years of work have allowed him to quote his performances and earn his fortune.


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