How much is the dollar sold for today in Mexico


This Friday the peso is placed against the dollar at a time when investors are still considering the possibility that the United States announces a new stimulus program for the economy.

The Mexican peso entered the session as the most appreciated currency followed by the New Zealand dollar, the Australian dollar and the South African Rand.

The peso appreciated 0.18 percent this Friday, reaching a wholesale price of $ 20.15 units per dollar, while in the windows of some banks in Mexico the greenback is sold for $ 20.63 in Citibanamex, $ 20.40 in Banorte and $ 20.36 in BBVA.

Here you can check the price variations in different Mexican financial institutions: Price of the dollar in Mexico. To consult the updated report of the Bank of Mexico: Price of the dollar in Mexico.

This Friday, the international markets also reacted nervously to the disagreements between the main responsible for economic policy in the United States.

Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury, sent a letter this Thursday afternoon to Jerome Powell, president of the Federal Reserve (Fed), requesting that the money that was not used in the loan program for companies and municipalities be returned. The Fed responded that those measures are important and should be maintained over the next year.

A second wave of infections is impacting the pace of economic recovery, which is why the International Monetary Fund recommended that government support not be withdrawn until the pandemic disappears.

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