How much is RM’s outfit in “Seasons Greetings” ?


RM wore an amazing retro outfit in BTS’s “Seasons Greetings” YouTube video.

Rap Monster better known as RM is the leader of the K-Pop group BTS, his great sympathy has placed him as one of the most famous men in the world and even his fandom often jokes asking him to be the president of an island where they only live the ARMY.

RM is also the only member of BTS who is fluent in English. That is also why the leader was named and in all interviews he is in charge of representing BTS before the world press.

RM Outfit from “Seasons Greetings”

So much fame has also made him a great influence in many ways and one of the biggest is fashion.

RM usually wears clothes from well-known and expensive brands and every time this sensual Korean wears a shirt or any type of clothing, this is replicated all over the world.

The seven members of BTS have millionaire contracts with different brands such as Gucci or FILA since investing in these influencers is really functional for anyone.

In Mexico, many singers are often inspired by the outfits of K-Pop bands since they always impose fashion, be it BTS, Black Pink, Red Velvet, EXO, among others.

K-pop bands often have a unique style that is quickly replicated by singers elsewhere and even without being pop, celebrities replicate their way of dressing.

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