How much internet does Spotify consume?


For those wondering how much data Spotify uses for streaming music, “How much internet does Spotify eat?” We answered the question.


Spotify, one of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to music, provides access to millions of songs and podcast programs as indispensable for people who listen to music at any time of the day. Spotify offers many packages to users with its in-app purchase feature. In this way, it is possible to listen to music offline. However, if you have not purchased any package, you have to use the application with internet. This brings one question to mind: How much internet does Spotify eat?

How does data usage change?

How much data you consume while streaming music on Spotify depends on the quality of the music you listen to. This gives you a chance to save data.

Spotify, which has four quality settings, is one of the most important factors of streaming quality. These qualities are low, normal, high and very high. The higher the quality setting, the more data is used.

How much internet does Spotify consume?

Here’s how much data Spotify’s various quality settings use when using a three-minute song as an example:

Low (24kbps)
A three-minute song uses 0.18MB of data per minute, while 10.8MB of data per hour. It takes 92.5 hours to reach 1 GB.

Normal (96kbps)
In practice, a three-minute song consumes 0.72MB of data per minute and 43.2MB of internet per hour. It takes 23.1 hours to reach 1GB at this quality.

High (160kbps)
Three minutes of high-quality song consumes 1.2 MB per minute, 72 MB per hour of internet. It takes 13.8 hours to reach 1 GB in a song of this quality.

Very High (320kbps)
The highest song quality available on Spotify, it consumes 2.4MB of data per minute for a song. It uses 144 MB of internet per hour. It takes 6.9 hours to reach 1GB in a song of this quality.

How to reduce data consumption on Spotify?

As long as you’re prepared to compromise on the true sound quality of the music you’re listening to, it’s possible to let your data go further than it normally would. For this, the first thing you need to do is to open the “Date Saver” option. You can do this from the settings section of the application.

By default Spotify’s music quality is set to “Auto” with streaming quality depending on your internet connection. If you want to reduce your data usage but don’t want to enable data saving, you can manually adjust your connection type to stay consistent no matter what.