How much has Mia Khalifa earned in the film industry?


Mia Khalifa went on to become the most sought-after adult film star on the internet, but how much money did she make from her videos?

Mia Khalifa may have to bear the stigma generated by her short career in the adult film world forever, but she has been concerned to make it clear that this passage of her in her life no longer represents her as a person.

She has built a career as a sportscaster, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and recently also as a rising star on TikTok. It almost seems a lie to think that Mia Khalifa spent only three months involved in the porn industry.

Despite the fact that she has always been very transparent about the length of time she worked for BangBros, it is surprising to learn that the payment she received for this job has been so low.

$ 12,000 hate and death threats

Taking into account the popularity of the videos starring Mia Khalifa, one might think that this content would be generating millions in terms of royalties for her; However, the Lebanese-born actress only received $ 12,000 for her three months with this production company.

It should be noted that although she was the most wanted artist on PornHub for several years, Mia Khalifa suffered discrimination, hate messages, and even death threats. Putting it in perspective, the money she received in exchange for her does not make up for the negative implications this brought to her life.

Many of her detractors point out that she Khalifa continues to take advantage of the fame that generated her starring in this type of content and that if it had not been for this she would not have been able to amass a wealth that is estimated to be over 2 million dollars today .

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Mia Khalifa and abuse in the porn industry

Being underpaid is just one of the problems women in this industry face. On many occasions it has been documented that actresses have been forced to perform acts against their will.

Mia Khalifa is just one example of the depersonalization to which porn stars are subjected, who are treated only as objects of desire by both the industry and consumers, and who end up dehumanizing the interpreters.

According to information obtained by Somagnews, it is estimated that on average, a recognized artist in the world of porn can earn around $ 1,500 maximum per session, which does not compensate for the emotional abuse that can derive from this kind of work.


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