How much does it cost to have ALL games on Steam?


There is no doubt that Steam is the most popular PC gaming service today, with thousands of games available on its page. However, have you ever wondered how much it would cost to have all the games available at Valve’s store in your library?

According to the information contained on the Steam Seewang website, using the data present on the network on the night of last Tuesday (15), the day of the last page update, it would be necessary to disburse approximately US $ 541.2 thousand to guarantee everyone without use promotions. With active discounts, the total value would drop to approximately US $ 528 thousand.

Using the current dollar rate to get an idea of ​​this value in reais, we would reach just over R $ 2.8 million if we guarantee all games without discounts, or “only” R $ 2.76 million if we take advantage of promotional periods. .

And did you imagine that you had to invest so much to buy all the games available on Steam? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.

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