How much does BTS charge for a private concert?


How much would BTS charge if they offered a private concert or attended your birthday party? The group K-po has become very popular in the last couple of years, conquering thousands of fans who give their full support to the boys and allow them to continue adding goals to their career. ARMY has not only given them love, they have also dedicated their time, money and appreciation to the boys.

Their status as popular idols has given them a very strong demand in music, especially in the United States where they have had most of their achievements, presentations, awards and special appearances, their last tour “Love Yourself” managed to raise more than 170 million of dollars.

How much would you have to pay for a private event? BTS is highly sought after, so scheduling a date would be difficult, but if you are lucky and have great savings, you only have to pay more than 5 million dollars to have your own concert with your friends.

You must take into account that they not only stand on stage, they also pay for the staff, sound equipment, assembly, makeup artists, dancers, managers, food, clothes, among other things. But if you want something cheaper, you can dream of having idols on your birthday.

According to some figures, BTS charges its attendance at 700 thousand dollars, maybe they sing the mañanitas in Korean, give you a hug, a souvenir photo and a gift, but nothing could beat the best day of your life.

Do not be discouraged, although these figures sound stratospheric, you can save and fulfill your dream of traveling to South Korea to see them in concert, or in some other country, BTS have a lot of career ahead of them and there are several opportunities to meet idols live .

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