How Much Does an Avenger’s Vacation With His Family Cost? A Lot, According to The Latest Chris Hemsworth Trip Data


Vacations can be an expensive proposition for almost everyone. You have to take into account elements such as travel expenses (such as plane tickets or fuel costs), accommodation and more, and these amounts only increase when you have a family. In most cases, celebrities also pay a lot of money when they go on vacation. Marvel star Chris Hemsworth has made several trips with his brood over the years, and you can’t help but wonder how much the Avenger’s journey costs. Well, the report gives us an idea, and yes, there is a lot of it.

It is reported that Chris Hemsworth spent Christmas with his wife Elsa Pataky, their three children and many loved ones in Fiji. In particular, the group stayed at a private resort located on the island of Tavarua, where there are sandy beaches with nearby villas and beautiful water. Of course, it is quite natural that such a beautiful environment will be expensive. According to the Daily Mail, it costs $6,000 per person for seven nights. Yes, you read it correctly. Now I admit that I am not the most experienced mathematician, but with only five members of the main family, this amounts to $30,000 for the whole week. (My wallet screams at the very thought of such a bill.)

Of course, you get what you pay for, but in this case, tourists get a private island where they spend their holidays. Elsa Pataky has since posted photos from the trip, and it looks like everyone was thrilled. In one of the posts on Instagram, she included a slideshow in which the family was sunbathing on the sand and surf and just enjoying each other’s company. Take a look at yourself:


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Elsa Pataky (@elsapataky)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

 I personally had a very pleasant Christmas vacation, but one can’t help but feel a slight tinge of FOMO looking at these photos. Of course, very few of us earn as much as Chris Hemsworth earned during his successful career. He has seriously invested in the work over the years.

As a cast member of the Avengers, he has starred in most of the Marvel cinematic universe films (which are available on a Disney+ subscription) as the Thunder God over the past decade or so. There is also a long list of other films he has titled, including the heavy “Evacuation” franchise with action scenes. With so many financial achievements on his resume, it’s no wonder he can afford to shell out so much money for an extravagant vacation.

Chris Hemsworth’s career makes him very busy, but as mentioned earlier, he has made it his priority to carve out time for his loved ones. He and Elsa Pataky often write about their family’s excursions. In 2021, Hemsworth went on a trip with his family before starting work on “Thor: Love and Thunder,” and the views were simply magnificent. Last year they had a real vacation in the sun, and later, in 2022, Hemsworth took his sons camping.

It will be interesting to see what adventures the “Avengers” actor and his family have on vacation in 2023. I do not know how a private island in Fiji can be surpassed, but I am sure they can do it somehow. What I do know is that Chris Hemsworth’s checkbook is better prepared for everything that comes its way.


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