How Much Do K-Pop Idols Make After Their Debut?


Find out how much K-Pop group members earn after debuting. Although the world of K-Pop shows us the best side of idols through the comebacks and shows they participate in, the earnings of these artists could be very different from what you thought. It should be noted that the history of each idol is different and there are many factors that influence this, we explain what they are.

After a K-Pop group releases their first song or record material, promotions start, but do they start charging after that? In reality, the money that the company invested in a group during their time as trainees will have to be paid after their debut, so their first earnings will be used to offset the cost of their training, accommodation, meals, language lessons and many other similar activities.

Each company handles this payment differently, the so-called Big Three (JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment), have the possibility to pay their idols as soon as they debut, even if it is a lower amount than what they are generating.

However, when it comes to smaller companies, that does not always happen, since before paying the idols they will have to cover expenses that have already been executed and even some debts that the company could face to make the debut possible.

But their earnings are not only directed to compensation for these expenses, since they must also cover the payment of the staff that accompanies them, the production of their videos or the cost of their clothes. That is why the total profits generated by a group are divided in a strategic way, allocating resources for each aspect

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Some former idols have spoken on this topic and pointed out that when it comes to small businesses, the earnings for idols may be insufficient, since as their career progresses also the debt grows, so covering these expenses can leave them profits minimal.

Someone who has mentioned this is Henry Prince Mak, former member of JJCC. According to his statement, the profits generated by the group were divided into 80% for the company and 20% for them, an amount that was divided among all members. However, he noted that things were very different for large business groups.

Other former idols have also said that they are not clearly informed of the earnings they are generating and that their payouts can vary drastically from season to season.

On the other hand, many of the earnings resulting from individual promotions that idols run are also divided among the group members, while activities such as appearances in dramas are solely for the participating member.

The success of a group and the company that promotes it can make a big difference in the earnings that each idol receives, did you imagine that this is how the payments for K-Pop stars worked?


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