How much did Sylvester Stallone get paid for Rocky?

To date, in eight films, Sylvester Stallone has played the eponymous role of Rocky Balboa in the Rocky franchise and earned an unfathomable salary for almost 50 years. Having started the Rocky/Creed franchise with the Academy Award-winning 1976 film directed by John J. Evildsen, Stallone embodies the boxer Rocky Balboa in the image of a tough loser from the working class, who became the pride of Philadelphia. An iconic role for the 76-year-old actor, Stallone has benefited from the popularity of the franchise, which continues to strengthen his credibility as an actor, director and producer.
Franchise Rocky is one of the most successful series of films in the history of cinema, which has become a staple for sports cinema fanatics. The series grossed over $1.7 billion, including six Rocky films and two additional Creed products that influenced pop culture. Stallone has been an integral part of the franchise since its inception, during his tenure he was nominated for three Academy Awards for both screenplay and acting. With Creed , Stallone began passing the baton to star Michael B. Jordan, who comes into the spotlight as the son of former heavyweight champion and Ivan Drago’s rival Apollo Creed.
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Since Sylvester Stallone came up with the idea of the first Rocky, having written the script in just three days, he made a deal to do the project with a small budget of $1 million if it meant he could play the lead role in the film. After the production was completed, he earned a total of $35,000 for the 25-day shoot, consisting of his writing and acting salary together (via Variety). Unfortunately for the star, he has not been granted ownership of the character and story, which means he will not receive a cent from licensing or merchandise. Taking into account interest rates and 10 net points, MGM paid Stallone a total of about $2.5 million for Rocky.
How much did Stallone earn from the films “Rocky and Creed”?
But not everything is still lost for the star Rambo and Unstoppable, as he brought his acting and sometimes directing abilities to seven other roles as the character Rocky Balboa. Stallone earned $75,000 for “Rocky 2”, and for “Rocky 3” this amount increased to $120,000 (via Variety). By the time he starred in Rocky V, his salary had grown to $15 million (via Cheatsheet). The total amount earned by Stallone has increased even more over the years, including the Creed films, if we consider the percentages from the backend. His net worth from the Rocky franchise and other successful ventures is approaching $400 million.
Why Sylvester Stallone Won’t Return to Creed 3
The popularity of Rocky films pushed Sylvester Stallone to a commercially successful career, mainly in the action genre. After appearing in Creed and Creed II, Stallone decided that his days as Rocky Balboa were over, as Stallone would not return in Creed III. Instead, Michael B. Jordan will make his directorial debut and continue his role as Adonis Creed. Although Sylvester Stallone is producing the sequel, he will instead focus on The Expendables 4, his new TV series Tulsa King, and reprise his role as Stakar Ogord in Guardians of the Galaxy. 3.