How much did our screen time increase in the pandemic?


How are the content consumption rates in the coronavirus epidemic? The answer to this question was given with statistics recently. With the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, there were significant increases in content production rates. Lots of things have gone digital and the vast majority of people continue to produce content at full speed.

A new statistic has been published about this period, which was quite satisfying at the point of consumption. According to these statistics, it was revealed which way people preferred for getting news, entertainment and other needs.

Content consumption rates increased significantly in the coronavirus epidemic

According to the published report, the average screen time of people increased by 50 percent. The DoubleVerify study also says that the number of people who access social media, visit news sites or use a streaming service every day has increased by 47 percent. The interest in television seems to have increased during this period because it was watched 45 percent more.

Mobile games, on the other hand, experience the greatest acceleration and reach an increase of 39 percent. Quarantine decisions consecutively since the beginning of the year all over the world pushed people to digitize.

Sosyal medya düzenlemesi yasa tasarısı

Before the epidemic occurred, the average time people spent on screen ranged from 3 to 4 hours. Things have changed considerably during and after the epidemic period, and these numbers have increased itself to 7 to 8 hours.

The time spent on computers and phones has also increased, as people whose jobs are suitable for this have switched to work from home. Content viewing platforms have also multiplied their popularity. Netflix, which gained the most subscribers worldwide, had the most watched productions in this process. After that, Hulu and Peacock were among the most watched.

Netflix'te en çok izlenen içerikler

YouTube finds itself an important place among the most used applications of this year. Time spent in front of YouTube increased 43 percent on an hourly basis. As you can imagine, TikTok is the second most used mobile application.

People spend most of their time on social media with a rate of 48 percent, followed by news apps and websites with 47 percent, respectively. 47 percent of the people who devoted time to online content viewing platforms also watched TV 45 percent. On the gaming side, there is a ratio of 39 percent.

So how did you experience an increase in your screen time? How much has your time spent on social media increased? Do not forget to share with us in the comments …


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