How Much Damage Has Will Smith Done to His Brand? What Are The Hopes For a Revival?


Will Smith was a man who made the right choice from the very beginning of his career. Even before he entered the world of acting, Smith wrote clean lyrics for his raps. Having entered the big world of Hollywood, the actor chose projects that would help him connect with the masses. Smith’s filmography consists of almost all the films that you want to watch with your family. From the “Men in Black” franchise to “In Pursuit of Happiness” and “I am a Legend” — most of his films occupy all the place in the lists of “evergreen films worth watching”.

The actor was highly respected throughout Hollywood and especially among the black community. Many celebrities, such as Kevin Hart, are grateful to him for paving the way for black actors to succeed in the industry. At a time when most action heroes were mostly white, Will Smith directed such hits as “Independence Day”, “Enemy of the State” and the “Bad Guys” franchise. Smith established himself as Mr. Julie, and subsequently became a hero of the masses. And finally, when he was about to receive an Oscar for his excellent work in King Richard, Smith, to put it mildly, was mistaken.

Will Will Smith be able to revive his brand after the Oscars in 2022?

When Will Smith got up to slap Chris Rock on the Oscar stage, it took a while for many to realize that it wasn’t a glitch in the stimulation. For example, if any other actor did it, fans would still take it with a lot of skepticism and the philosophy of “we don’t know which actors are in real life.” But since it was Will Smith, an actor known for his connection to the masses, and an actor who was a shining symbol of the “good Hollywood actor,” the fans were completely shattered.

A slap in the face bigger than the blood vessels on Chris Rock’s face broke the heart of every Will Smith fan. And redemption seemed impossible when the Emancipation actor issued a public apology after months that Rock rejected, and seemed too generic to elicit a response from the public. Then the actor stayed out of the limelight until the release of his film “Emancipation” for Apple TV+.

If Smith was going to let the game say everything, it didn’t work, because “Emancipation” failed, and the box office and ratings of “Rotten Tomatoes” are proof of that. The Morning Joe hosts considered Smith a brand inferior in its last segment. “Will Smith has a permanent brand,” Donnie Deutsch said on his show. Only time will tell if Will Smith can revive his drowning career.

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