How Mol survived when Obi-Wan cut him in half (and escaped with Naboo)


Darth Maul was retconned to survive Obi-Wan Kenobi cutting him in half in Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Maul’s survival also led to him escaping from Naboo. Maul was thought to have died at the end of his duel in Star Wars: Episode I — The Hidden Menace, but his resurrection in the Clone Wars allowed him to threaten Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Republic as a dangerous third party during the Clone Wars. Maul’s tenacity and the powers of the dark side allowed him to survive what would have been a fatal lightsaber strike and fall into manic exile on a Small Lotto.

The Clone Wars and the canonical timeline of “Star Wars” after 2014 are an iteration of Darth Maul, significantly different from what was shown in the materials of the era of “The Hidden Threat” and “Legends”. Originally, Darth Maul was a Zabrak from Iridonia, trained by Darth Sidious during Darth Plagueis’ lifetime, and died on Naboo when Obi-Wan Kenobi cut him in half. Canon reinterprets the Mole as a Datomeer, a zabrak-like species originating from the canonical version of Datomir.

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According to the canonical reference book “Star Wars”, Mol received a near-fatal injury due to the unnatural forces of the dark side, which Sith used to cling to life at any cost. In the comic “Clone Wars: Sith Hunters”, related to the “Clone Wars”, it is shown how the dismembered form of a Mole falls into some kind of container that was transported by ship to the garbage world of Small Lotto. From there, Mole continued to support the dark side, driving him crazy, until his brother, Savage the Oppressor, found him and returned him to Dathomir, where he was reborn by Talzin’s Mother.

Why Savage Oppress Revived Darth Maul

The decision to revive Maul was strange, given that Savage Oppress was created to serve as a replacement for Maul during the Clone Wars, but the retcon is attributed to George Lucas. When Maul is alive again, Obi-Wan Kenobi has found perhaps his greatest and most personal enemy, who tormented the Jedi master throughout the war after rebirth. However, Kenobi’s final victory over Maul will be preserved, as the two will fight for the last time in Star Wars: Rebels, in which Kenobi actually killed Maul.

The survival of the Maul after its bisection seems impossible, given the fundamental similarities between human, Zabrak and Dathomir physiology, but the Maul supporting itself with the dark side shows the fundamental difference between a selfless Jedi and an egocentric Sith regarding death. Moreover, Mol is not the first Star Wars character to have survived such an injury. The Imperial dark Side, using the Boltrunian (and former Jedi) Maw from the Legends continuity, was similarly split in half, but maintained its destroyed body with the dark side.

The fact that Mol survived a duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi may not appeal to all Star Wars viewers, but it allowed the former Sith lord to better characterize him on the screen. Maul’s defeat and the subsequent rejection of Darth Sidious took everything from him, but made him an obsessive and dangerous opponent of Obi-Wan. Thanks to his mastery of the dark side and a certain accident, Mol lived without his lower half and escaped from Naboo to the Small Lotto, eventually returning in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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