How Marrying Justin changed Hailey Bieber’s Life


Justin (28) and Hailey Bieber (25) celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in September. Their engagement took place just two months after Justin broke up with Selena Gomez (30). That is why the model had to endure a lot of haight from the singer’s fans. However, this did not stop the couple’s love. In honor of the anniversary, the girl from It published tender words to her husband. Now Hayley tells us what has changed in her since she married Justin.

In Alex Cooper’s podcast “Call Her Dad,” the 25-year-old girl spoke in detail about her current life. Justin is a very big part of it. “When I talk about him or our relationship, people pick up on it and say, ‘She always talks about her relationship with him.’ I’m like, “Well, we’re married,”” Haley said. Since he is such an extremely public person, this is sometimes unavoidable.

In addition, people are obviously very interested in their life together. She is also trying to do her own thing, but her life is completely confused. “We are married, I have his last name. I don’t know how not to talk about my life,” Hayley explained.


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