How Many Subscribers Squid Game Gained to Netflix Announced


Netflix, which achieved a success beyond expectations with the series called Squid Game, which was broadcast on the platform in the past weeks, announced how many subscribers they gained in the 3rd quarter of the year thanks to this series. Squid Game, which took its place in the platform’s library on September 17, was described as the company’s “biggest show ever” in a statement by Netflix. Stating that 142 million users watched the series, the company announced that Squid Game was rated as the number one series of the platform in 94 different countries.

Such a huge success, of course, benefited Netflix first and foremost. The company stated that they aim to reach 3.8 million new subscribers in the third quarter of this year, but this number has increased to 4.4 million thanks to Squid Game.

Aiming to earn $ 891 million from Squid Game, Netflix reached 213.6 million subscribers

If you remember, we recently conveyed to you the news that the documents showing how much money Netflix made from Squid Game were leaked. According to these documents, the world’s leading broadcasting platform expects to earn 891 million dollars from the first season of Squid Game, in which it invested 21.4 million dollars.

The company, which hesitated to make a statement about the leaked information, but shared the balance sheet reports for the third quarter of this year, achieved a revenue of 7.5 billion dollars with an increase of 16% compared to the same period of the previous year. The company’s revenue in the third quarter of last year was approximately $6.4 billion.

When we look at Netflix’s net profit, we see an 83% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. While the company made a profit of $ 790 million last year, this year’s money increased to $ 1.5 billion. With Squid Game, the number of users of the broadcasting platform reached 213.6 million.


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