How many people killed Gerard Butler’s Bunning in The Fall Movies


That’s how many people Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning personally sent throughout The Fall movie franchise. “The Fall of Olympus” in 2013 is a return to the R—rated action films inspired by “Die Hard” that dominated this genre in the 1990s. Examples of the films “Die Hard on X”, including “Under siege” (“Die Hard” on the ship), “Passenger 57” (“Die Hard” on the plane) or “Rock” (“Die Hard” on Alcatraz). The repetitive nature of this formula eventually led to the popularity of this subgenre waning, but “The Fall of Olympus” added a little spice to the format, as the action took place in the White House.

Of course, in the same year he also opposed the “Fall of the White House”, but the “Fall of Olympus” won this battle. It also gave star Gerard Butler an unexpected franchise, where his Secret Service agent character Mike Banning returned in two straight sequels. In the 2016 film The Fall of London, Mike tries to secure the president after a terrorist attack in the UK capital. Then in the 2019 film Angel’s Fall, Banning was charged with attempted murder and tried to clear his name.

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Banning is one of the roughest action heroes in recent times, one of his favorite finishing moves is striking enemies in the head. The character has shown himself to be quite deadly throughout the series and tends to rush into battle with his head. This means that, according to the All Outta Bubble Gum website, he also scored a solid number of corpses in the films Has Fallen. In The Fall of Olympus, Banning killed 25 terrorists, including the main antagonist Kang (Rick Yun). He almost tripled that number with “The Fall of London,” where he killed 70 villains, and in “The Fall of an Angel,” he reached 30 kills.

In total, this is 125 murders for three films. Banning also does not show much ingenuity in his methods, since most of these deaths are committed with knives, firearms or explosives. Butler is set to return once again for a fourth film called “Night Has Fallen,” although there have been no updates on when it will be released or what the story will be about since it was announced in 2020.

Banning yourself from becoming president may be a fun amendment to the formula, but it may push the credibility of the franchise too much. Despite this, Banning will no doubt increase the number of murders in the upcoming sequel. It’s also been the talk of a Has Fallen TV spin-off, though it’s unknown if it will follow Butler’s ban or a new character.