How many people died of the Corona virus, how many people got it?

Research on Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, is ongoing. More than 116,000 cases have been detected worldwide, and over 4000 people have died from Corona virus. 64 thousand people who got ill recovered. So what are the symptoms of coronavirus, how are they transmitted? Here is the latest situation in Corona virus and things to know about …

All countries became vigilant for the deadly epidemic coronavirus (kovid-19), which emerged in Wuhan, China in December last year, and spread rapidly around the world. The number of people who died due to coronavirus is increasing. The World Health Organization’s statement, “Countries should be prepared for the coronavirus, really knocking on the door …” brought the panic to the top. The U.S. has announced that its troops in South Korea will reduce joint training exercises with this country’s army due to the Kovid-19 outbreak that a US soldier has been detected. The most frightening explanation for the coronavirus came from the USA. Here is the latest information for coronavirus …


Corona viruses are viruses that cause diseases in mammals such as humans and birds. It causes respiratory infections that are not serious in humans but have a risk of death. In cows and pigs, diarrhea causes upper respiratory diseases in chickens. Known types include MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV and 2019-nCoV.

It is an RNA virus found in animal families from the Coronaviridae family. The virus, which affects the respiratory, digestive and excretory organs, is more active in spring and autumn. In fact, the Corona virus is a virus that cats often encounter. There is almost no risk of being lethal without being mutated. The virus passes from cat to cat through contact, and the way to spread is usually feces. Almost half of the cats encounter this virus once in their lives. This rate increases even more in places where cats live collectively. In diagnostic tests, the metabolic substances [antibody level (titer level)] created by the metabolism of cats against the virus can be measured. Symptoms are usually fever, diarrhea and weakness. But up to a hundred percent of cats can overcome the disease of this virus. The spread of the virus is usually “defecation> contact with feces> hair licking”. Although it is a small possibility, the airway is also among the transmission routes. This disease of corona virus, which can be easily survived by cats, turns into deadly FIP when the virus mutates.

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According to scientific views, Corona virus turns into FIP virus in 2% to 10% ratio (FIPV). The science of virology about how this mutation is realized cannot provide precise data. Thus, 92% – 98% of trapped cats turn the Corona virus out of the disease with simple symptoms, while in the rest they turn it into disease-killing FIP. The FIP virus, the mutated version of the Corona virus, causes FIP disease.


Loss of appetite and weight
Weakness and stagnation
Swelling of the abdominal area
Vision problems, watery eyes, and color change in the eye
Respiratory problems and flu
Balance problems
Change in general psychological state, unhappy expression


The number of people who lost their lives in the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic in China increased to 3 thousand 24.

In Italy, the number of dead reached 463. So far 291 have died in Iran, 54 in South Korea and 35 in Spain.



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