How Many Million XRPs of Ripple Co-Founder Sells a Day!


Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb sells an average of 1,740,000 XRP per day, according to the Twitter account Whale Alert, which tracks crypto movements.

McCaleb was at the head of Ripple until 2013. He left XRP to establish the open source money platform Stellar. Although it still has a large portion of XRP personally, it can only sell a limited amount of XRP according to the legal solution terms agreed with Ripple.

Amount of XRP Sold by Whale Alert

In 2014, Ripple reached an agreement with Stellar’s founder that prevented him from selling XRP as much as he wanted.

The company later accused McCaleb of violating this agreement, and in February 2016, Ripple’s senior vice president of marketing, Monica Long, announced an updated agreement between the two parties McCaleb called victory.

Since the deal, Ripple transfers XRP every month from his cold wallet to McCaleb’s wallet. According to this agreement, McCaleb is able to sell 1,740,000 XRP per day and 12,180,000 per week per month.

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