How Many Episodes Are There in The Second Season of The Series “Shadow and Bone”?


The popular fantasy series “Shadow and Bone” is back with a second season on Netflix, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including the number of episodes.

Based on the books by Lee Bardugo, the magic series tells the story of Alina Starkova (Jessie Mae Lee), who discovers that she is a rare Grisha: a superhero with special abilities and the ability to control light. The second season of the show is adapted from the second and third parts of the novels “Siege and Storm”, “Ruin and Rebellion”.

The premiere of the series took place on March 16 on Netflix, it was attended by such actors as Archie Reno, Ben Barnes, Freddie Carter, Amita Suman, Keith Young, Jack Wolf, Daniel Galligan, Kalahan Skogman.

Check out all the other information you need to know about the show below.

How many episodes are there in Shadow and Bone?

There are eight episodes in the second season of Shadow and Bone.

Is there a trailer for the movie “Shadow and Bone”?

Yes, check it out below. In the trailer, Alina Starkova and Mal Orestev are trying to find a powerful source to destroy General Kirigan and his indestructible new army with the help of their allies.

In an interview with Netflix, the show’s producer Eric Heisserer shared details about the strength of each character and their “potential” for promotion in the upcoming season.

“The great thing about the second season is that we can advance the story of these characters that we left in a precarious position at the end of the first season,” he said. “They have a lot of potential this season:

Heisserer continued: “They have to face the consequences of their actions, and then they meet new people on their way. The Grishaverse is also expanding this season, both in mythology and in characters.”

Co-showrunner and executive producer Dagan Freiklind added: “This season we really delved into the mythology from the point of view of amplifiers, as well as the creator of amplifiers Morozov — who he was, what his background is and how he is connected to this world.”

In a review of the first season of the series , NME wrote: “There is something to like about Shadow and Bones, not least its aesthetics inspired by 19th-century Russia, and in eight episodes it does not cease to be desirable.”


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