How long will the vaccine protect? Moderna explained


Moderna, known for the vaccine developed against the Corona virus epidemic, answered the question of how long the vaccine will protect. Moderna’s explanation about the vaccine, which was also announced to be effective against the mutation of the virus, was sprinkling on the hearts.

Moderna: Vaccine will protect for at least 1 year

Using the same technique as the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, Moderna answered the question of how effective it will be for the vaccine it developed.

Moderna answered the question of how long the vaccine will protect, at least 1 year. While the company officials made this statement at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Stephane Bancel, the company’s CEO, announced that they plan to deliver 600 million doses to 1 billion doses of vaccine in 2021.

The vaccine named mRNA-1273, developed by the company, activates the immune system using Synthetic mRNA like BioNTech’s technique and neutralizes COVID-19.

Joe Biden gets the Moderna vaccine

After the development of vaccines, the application phase has come. Among those who got the vaccine developed by Moderna is Joe Biden, who will take over the post of US President on January 20. At the same time, vice president Kamala Harris and Dr. Antony Fauci was among those who had the vaccine.


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