How Long Is Resident Evil 8 Village?


Resident Evil 8 Village: We tell you the duration of Resident Evil Village, if it is replayable and the extras that it incorporates once you complete the story mode for the first time. The embargo on Resident Evil 8 Village content has now been lifted. In this house we have published our analysis, where it has obtained a rating of 8.3 out of 10. You can read the full text through this link. But how long is the game? We answer your question in detail.

Resident Evil 8 Village, how long does it last?

According to Salvador Fernández, author of the analysis, if you focus on the main campaign it will take you “about 8 or 10 hours” on normal difficulty, although “it has treasures and things to explore that can make some more expanded”. The town, for example, acts as a nexus: every time we return from a main area we can unlock new paths and contents.

Those treasures you refer to are valuables that we must sell to the Duke, who will reward us with a juicy sum. In addition, some elements of exploration open avenues of combat against sub-bosses. Once you finish it, enjoy “quite a lot of replayability” through the experience challenges. They act like the classic challenges of the saga. Upon completion, we will receive PE to spend in the extra accessories store.

This store offers special secondary weapons, the ability to activate infinite ammunition in each of those available in the Resident Evil 8 Village arsenal, figures from the cast of characters and the Mercenaries mode. For a ridiculous amount (10 XP) you can access this alternative slope. For those who do not know what it is about, they put you in front of waves of enemies at specific levels in the story. You must chain multipliers to achieve high scores, which in turn have an impact on the challenges. As you can see, everything is linked.

As if that were not enough, when you complete the story mode for the first time, you will unlock an extra difficulty, available even through the new plus game.


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