How long does Top Gun: Maverick last?


Attention: spoilers of Top Gun: Maverick! Tom Cruise’s new summer blockbuster, “Best Shooter: Maverick,” lasts slightly longer than its 1986 predecessor, “Best Shooter,” and is a byproduct of their different stories and eras.

The debut of Top Gun: Maverick in theaters with extremely positive reviews is ready to make it a massive hit of Memorial Day weekend. In Maverick, Cruz returns as adventurous Navy pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who, along with young TOPGUN graduates, leads a mission to prevent the launch of deadly weapons by an unnamed enemy nation.

The time of summer movie screenings has noticeably increased during the time between “The Best Shooter” and “Maverick”. This could be seen even before the return of Tom Cruise in “The Best Shooter: Maverick” with an increase in the duration of his own career, especially in the films “Mission Impossible”. The first “Mission Impossible” lasted 110 minutes, and in 2018 “Mission Impossible: Consequences” — 147 minutes. This does not mean that the summer films of the 21st century always go beyond the two-hour mark, this is a universal property, but studios, nevertheless, are increasingly leaning in this direction. Maverick is just the latest example of this trend.

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The duration of Top Gun: Maverick is 131 minutes, which is a fairly standard area for modern summer tents in terms of their total duration. It also makes “Maverick” a longer movie than the first “Best Shooter,” which lasted 110 minutes. But in addition to external industry trends, there are also descriptive reasons that help explain the longer running time of Maverick.

Another important factor is the transformation of the Maverick in Top Gun: Maverick into a mentor who struggles with internal doubts that he has never encountered before. The Best Shooter focused on Maverick’s well-known love of aerial stunts, his relationships with other pilots such as Gus (Anthony Edwards) and Iceman (Val Kilmer), and his romance with Charlie (Kelly McGillis). Maverick faced a lot of personal and professional problems in “The Best Shooter”, including the tragic death of a Goose, but the scale of the film was such that the 110-minute duration was just right.

In Top Gun: Maverick, the legendary pilot Cruz has much more worries about preparing his recruits for the mission, reconciling with the offended son of a Goose, a Rooster (Miles Teller), and the mission itself, seemingly with a very low probability. success. Iceman also has incurable throat cancer and passed away after giving Maverick much-needed support and also losing an old friend. Add to that the 36-year gap between “Best Shooter” and “Maverick,” and the latter having more breathing room while working is a very sensible decision with fighter action in the film and a touching tribute to cancer survivor Val Kilmer.

Even lasting 21 minutes longer than “The Best Shooter”, “The Best Shooter: Maverick”, like its main character, has not lost the need for speed and more than demonstrates Cruz’s penchant for action and stunts in the aerial setting of the film. At 131 minutes, Top Gun: Maverick tells a story as streamlined as the original Top Gun. Thanks to the reviews that Top Gun: Maverick has received, its 131-minute duration is just perfect for Maverick’s return to the cockpit.