How long does the coronavirus stay on the smartphone?


Many studies have been carried out since the day the coronavirus emerged. One of these studies is on how long this virus can remain on smartphones, which have now become our limbs. So how long does the coronavirus stay on phones? Here is the time that emerged with the new studies:

How long does the coronavirus stay on the phones?

These devices where we do our readings and listen to music every morning while going to work or school, do not fall out of our hands, and germs are swarming. Especially in the current period, it becomes more important to disinfect phones when there is a virus, because according to a new study, the coronavirus can stay on the phone for 28 days.

This period, which is 28 days, is 11 days longer than the flu virus. According to researchers of Australia’s national science agency, it turns out that this new type of virus, which causes millions of deaths, will remain longer than the flu virus on surfaces that are widely used and smooth in daily life such as smartphones, metal surfaces and paper money.

According to this new study, the coronavirus, which affects these millions, can live quite a lot and increases its contagiousness. This new study highlights the importance of disinfecting or cleaning phones and items with “smooth” surfaces that we use in daily life.

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