How long does it take to live to win


The remake of Live A Live has been released on the Nintendo Switch, and it will take players more than a few hours to complete it. When it was first released in 1994, it was exclusive only to Japan due to the fact that the game was saturated with a plot and a lot of text, but finally it was re-released in a new style with an official translation. Players who don’t normally play JRPGs or aren’t familiar with Live A Live may wonder how long it will take to complete the game.

Live A Live is surprisingly large-scale for an early role-playing game, and the story spans millennia. With seven different main characters, the game offers a great plot and gameplay for the money. However, many of these character stories in Live A Live are short and can be completed in parts either in the dock or on the go.

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Since Live A Live was released very recently, not many completed walkthroughs were published on the network. However, it seems that the completion time of the new Switch port is the same as in the original game, which means that it takes about 19-20 hours for the main story. The game is divided into nine separate chapters, each of which takes about two hours to complete.

How long does each chapter take in Live A Live

Players can choose any order to complete the first seven chapters of Live A Live, after which two more will open in sequential order to complete. There aren’t many difficulty bottlenecks in the game, progress is low, and the grinding is mostly restrained due to the non-linear narrative style, which means that the passage of each chapter of Live A Live should take from one to three hours. In each chapter of the remake of the 2022 role-playing game, there are different game techniques that need to be learned, and there are several random encounters throughout the game. However, turn-based RPG combat strategies on a large grid tie the whole game together and make sure that players don’t get too lost in the process of passing.

100% completion of the original game will take about 30 hours, and the Switch title doesn’t seem to have added any additional content. The last two chapters seem to be the longest to go through, but they are not so long as to change the estimated completion time. HD-2D cutscenes definitely make up a big part of the game, but in Live A Live, the plot is the main feature, and many players will want to wait and see.

Although the game was considered a failure for its time, the remake of Live A Live received positive reviews and found a new life on Switch and proves that turn-based role-playing games are still relevant in 2022. Recreating old-school graphics in HD-2D style, which was adopted by Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveler, opens up many opportunities for remaking future games. The unusual plot structure of Live A Live is worth the time it will take to complete the game, and its status as a cult classic may mean that other Super Nintendo role-playing games have a chance to be re-released for a new audience.


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