How Long Does It Take To Get To The Star Closest To The Sun?


Star: At some point in your journey in search of cosmic answers, have you ever wondered: how long would it take us to travel to the stars? Will we ever make it to planets outside the Solar System in the time of a single human lifetime?

If you persisted and continued to search for these answers, you may have been disappointed. After all, the news is not encouraging for lovers of interstellar travel. Space is a big place. If this statement lacked emphasis, space is a very, very, very big place. So big that it is extremely difficult, even for professional astronomers, to rationally apprehend the vastness of the universe.

That’s why, although we’ve already discovered thousands of exoplanets, neither NASA nor any other space agency, public or private, has any immediate plans to send a spacecraft to any of these star systems out there. This does not mean, however, that there is no theoretical speculation going on. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.