How Lil Nas X Called Billie Eilish’s Grammy Win “Unfair” Only for Him to Realize Himself Better in 2021


Do you remember how quarantine was the worst time of 2021? Nevertheless, one of the most enjoyable musicians and singers, Lil Nas X took the time to reflect on some of his thoughts about jealousy of Billy Eilish. He spent the isolation revealing his deepest feelings. Why was he jealous? What did he come up with?


At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish received the Bad Guy Award in the Record of the Year category. She also won in the nominations “Best New Artist”, “Song” and “Record of the Year” (both for Bad Guy) and, of course, in the nomination “Album of the Year”. Although the Old Town Road singer also received 2 awards, one for best music video and the other for Best Pop performance by a duo/group, at home. But he said Eilish’s record of the year was “unfair.”

Lil Nas X Admitted that he was jealous of Billie Eilish only to realize his strength

When the singer “Happier Than Ever” received the Album of the Year award, Nas thought he had the best song. Therefore, receiving an Eilish award was “unfair” in his eyes. This feeling of disappointment turned into jealousy, and he poured it out on Billie Eilish. However, during the period of self-isolation, the singer thought about his feelings and realized that his jealousy had no basis. During his interview with British GQ for the release of Style Summer 2021, he talked about it and shared his experience.


He realized that he had the longest number one song, which made him doubt his jealousy. Even if he didn’t have a reward with huge recognition, he was lucky to stay alive. And he realized that he had no reason to be jealous of these awards. He was disappointed because he expected to take this award home with him. Although it did not become the album of the year, it still received 2 awards, for which I was grateful. Nasa’s newfound fascination with reading helped him figure out what was more important. The singer found techniques to block negative energies, focusing on building self-confidence.

His song Old Town Road broke records, staying at the top for 19 weeks. However, this amazing achievement stood in second place when Eilish’s “Bad Guy” overtook the first position in the charts. But thanks to his mission of self-discovery, Nas raised his self-confidence to a new level and became stronger than ever. What do you think about his journey? Tell us in the comment box below.


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