How Lake Bell shares the “key to co-parenting” her two children with Ex-Husband Scott Campbell: “This is evolution”


Teamwork brings a dream to life. Lake Bell spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about parenting during the divorce, sharing her best advice.

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“I think a lot of respect and communication is the key to co—parenting,” the 43—year-old star told us while promoting her new film Summering.

In the coming-of-age film, Bell plays a single mother who does not want to tell her daughter about the absence of her father. In real life, the actress says she is “very close” to ex-husband James Campbell, with whom she has daughter Nova, 7, and son Osgood, 5. The couple announced their divorce in October 2020, and Bell has since left. with Chris Rock. However, children always come first.

The New York native explained that she and Campbell, 45, never thought they were done working on their relationship as parents. “[We] never think, ‘Oh, we had that one conversation that was good, and therefore now we’re good for the rest of our lives.’ It’s evolution, you know?” she said. “It’s constancy, it’s any rapport, but it’s the most important rapport in my life. It’s for the sake of our children.”

Bell is a busy working mom. In addition to starring in Summering, she is nominated for an Emmy Award after directing episodes of the Hulu series “Pam and Tommy”; she voices Poison Ivy alongside Kaley Cuoco in the HBO Max series “Harley Quinn”; and her five-hour audiobook “Inner Voice: My Obsession with the Way We Sound” due out in November.

“The biggest problem for me is to slow down… everything in our society — and even culture — goes at a certain pace, and parenting always succeeds more when you slow down, damn it,” she told Us exclusively.

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“My practice is to slow down, and when we slow down, we become more aware, and we are ready to really listen and really digest, and then react accordingly, you know?” Bell continued. “It’s a big challenge, right? Your kids are just desperate to be seen and heard, just like the rest of us, but you can’t do that if you’re moving really fast and trying to do too many things.”

Balancing is not easy, but the actress said she makes sure her children know what to expect every week. She knows it’s a privilege to be able to create a structure for her little ones in this way.

“I have the infrastructure, for which I am very grateful,” Bell explained. “Our guardians, my ex-husband and I are very close. We’re good friends. Like, working together. There’s a business that’s run, you know? And so, to make sure that children feel that they know what the week is going to be, what the schedule is, they don’t feel that they are being turned upside down. It’s really a job.”

She said that this process actually helped her “guilt in front of her mother” disappear. “Balancing is really about realizing that you just can’t be in all places and at all times, right? Thus, you create an infrastructure that allows you to be completely in one place at the same time. I must say, I no longer feel my mother’s guilt, because I see that they are thriving,” the screenwriter explained. And I think there is respect for the fact that this is your life. So you show them you are living to the fullest. You write the stories you want to create, manage things, manage projects yourself. You interact with the world and culture. And it is necessary for me to be a happy person and, therefore, to be a happy mom.”

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What really gave the working mother joy was shooting “Summering” with director James Ponsoldt, a longtime friend. “I respect him as a director, and I really like the idea that both of us, as parents, sort of take the lens of independent cinema and sort of focus it on a children’s adventure story that in some way affects several generations and is 90% female. based,” Bell said.

“He made this movie for his daughter,” she added. “I have a little girl and a son, and I have a movie like Summering that we can both watch. We can all watch it. And when there are scary moments, it will inspire conversations about fear and anxiety. And after the two and a half years we have just spent, this is reflected on several levels.”

Summering is released in theaters on August 12.

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi


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