How Kim Plath called Moriah a “purple sparkling gem” and won over fans


In “Welcome to Plattville,” Kim Platt finally improves her relationship with her daughter, Moria Platt, and the fans are very happy. After they have not seen eye to eye for quite some time, they begin to understand each other and put aside their differences. The support and encouragement that Kim provides to Moria is exactly what she wanted from the very beginning.

The Rebellious reality TV star Moria has always been different from her siblings because she is not afraid to push the boundaries and break the strict rules of her parents. She prefers skimpy clothes rather than the modest clothes she had to wear while growing up. She expresses herself through her appearance, bold makeup and changing the color of her hair. This is in stark contrast to the conservative expectations that her parents Kim and Barry Plath had in mind. Moriah was never content to stay in her own backyard. Her desire to get out and spread her wings became a problem, as a result of which she was forced to leave the Plath family home together with her older brother Mika Plath. This caused a lot of pain and resentment, because Moriah did not feel loved and accepted.

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Now that Kim and Moriah have spent some time apart, they have learned that they are not so different after all, and the relationship means the whole world to both of them. After Moria went through a heartbreaking breakup with her boyfriend Max Kalschmidt, she felt that she was ready for a drastic change in her appearance. She dyed her hair purple, and she liked it, but she wasn’t sure how her family would react to it. When she told her parents the news about the breakup of her relationship with Max, she could not hold back tears. Fans were happy to see Kim and Barry giving her love and recognition, especially when Kim told Moria in the series that she was a “purple sparkling pearl.” Reddit user serayepa wrote: “Maybe I’m a sucker, but I was genuinely touched by the way Kim held Moria’s hand when she talked about Max, and then told her how special she was and hugged her, and then a group hug. I honestly think Kim is at least starting to come to her senses, and I’m sure it meant a lot to Moria.”

The viewers of “Welcome to Platteville” saw a positive change, and they were happy that Moriah could rely on her parents when they needed them most. After the difficult and strained relationship she had with her parents, fans were thrilled that Kim, in particular, seemed sincere and caring. In the same thread , necropolistone commented: “I agree. I think Kim has demonstrated the ability to be better. I really hope that this will continue and that she will be able to recognize her toxicity in raising older children.” The matriarch admitted that she made mistakes while raising her older children, although she thought that at that time she was doing what was best.

The possibility that Kim will turn over a new page and realize the fallacy of his path gives fans hope. Recently, she made several changes for the better, first of all, she became less strict and trusted her children more. Although she still has a strained relationship with her son Ethan Plath, viewers wonder if reconciliation might be just around the corner for them in “Welcome to Plathville.”