How Kanye West Influenced Lil Nas X’s Greatest Commercial Song “Industrial Baby”


Kanye West may be getting into a controversy right now and as a result is facing a massive financial crisis. But people will still agree that he is one of the most influential musicians and fashion designers of this generation. That’s why brands like Gap, Balenciaga, JP Morgan Chase and Foot Locker once collaborated with the rapper. Not to mention the fact that Adidas created an independent department for the former Yeezy designer, which brought them a lot of profit.


His contribution to the golden era of pop music is also commendable. The Atlanta-based singer has written some of his best poems, such as Never Let Me Down, American Boy and Knock You Down. While the fans faced the greatest of the teams on his way to becoming a great artist. His influence on the entertainment and fashion industry is unforgettable, including the commercial song Lil Nas X Industrial Baby.

Kanye West produced Lil Nas X’s single “Industrial Baby”.

Back in 2021, Ye collaborated with Lil Nas X for Industrial Baby, which took 2nd place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the producers of Daytrip openly talked about how the hip-hop superstar helped them create this song. Although Kanye West remained silent about the extent of his contribution to the record.

“Kanye gravitated to this only because it reminded him of some moments from his anthems, such as All of the Lights,” the team said. Moreover, the ex-billionaire also helped them in the instrumental part, giving the song a finishing touch.

According to the singers, it was a moment of fangerling and a true dream come true that the Grammy winner worked with them. Lil Nas X, Denzel Baptiste and David Biral grew up idolizing Kanye West’s work and have always admired his iconic music. Thus, this collaboration was the most unexpected but pleasant experience for all of them.

“Being able to be a part of something Kanye touched is just… I’m in high school-it’s like… it’s just one of those things that really comes to life.”

Meanwhile, the fashion and music mogul is currently not working on anything, hiding in his cocoon after the imperious financial crisis. His legal and financial advisers are looking for the rapper, who is reportedly nowhere to be found. What do you think? Is the Heartless singer resting to fiercely return? Or has his mental fragility finally reached its limit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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