How Josh Duggar Will Spend Christmas and New Year in Prison


Duggar’s vacations have looked a little different over the past few months as the former 19 Kids and Counting clan has adjusted to life with Josh in prison. Josh Duggar has already spent Thanksgiving in prison this year, and he will have to spend many more holidays in custody in Seagoville. As for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, we know a little about what it will look like for a reality TV star.

While his wife Anna and children can see Jim Bob and Michelle on vacation (subject to clarification), in the months after Josh Duggar appeared in court on charges related to child abuse materials, there was an alleged split between various factions of the family. A home Christmas may be missing a few family members who are starting new traditions and more, but even if the Duggar family holiday looks a little different this year, it pales in comparison to the changes Josh Duggar has faced since his incarceration. So what does Christmas and New Year look like in prison?

What Christmas in Prison will look like for Josh Duggar

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has previously defined menus at various detention facilities across the country. As for FCI Seagoville, during the Christmas dinner, prisoners will be treated to two types of meat: glazed ham and chicken with herbs. Those prisoners who eat vegetarianism will be served vegetarian lasagna and stuffed peppers.

According to the menu (obtained via Radar Online), a variety of side dishes will be served during the festive dinner. Cranberry sauce (which, apparently, is not an exclusive Thanksgiving dish) will be on the side menu, as will broccoli casserole with cheese and rice, corn on the cob with butter and mashed potatoes. Chicken sauce will also be served. Finally, the prisoners will receive two buns.

But the holiday does not end with food. Prisoners will also receive a holiday gift with “various consumables”. In addition to the typical festive table, the band will play “festive music”. Board games will also be available for those who wish.

The festivities should be very different for Josh Duggar, who actually spent last Christmas in solitary confinement. The former reality TV star was in jail between his trial in Arkansas and his sentencing on child pornography charges in May 2022. He got a turkey and mashed potatoes lunch that Christmas, but not in the communal setting he will enjoy this year. . And Christmas is not the only upcoming holiday.

What the New Year in prison will look like for Josh Duggar

In fact, in just a few days, the prisoners will have another special day. New Year is also a special time. The prison system outside of Dallas, Texas, allows visits on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and special holidays are also planned.

On New Year’s Day, guests are served a special breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to The Sun, breakfast will consist of “hot oatmeal, breakfast cake, wholegrain bread and fresh fruit, as well as jelly and margarine in assortment.” cheese, drinks, baked potatoes with various fillings, vegetable lasagna, festive pies and garlic bread.

Dinner will be lighter and prisoners will be given a choice between a chicken sandwich or peanut butter. The prison will also show the 2022 film “The Invitation,” a horror thriller starring Natalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones.

This won’t be the only weekend Josh Duggar will spend behind bars. After he was sentenced to 151 months in prison, his release date was moved forward 10 years. Duggar is expected to be released from prison on August 12, 2032, if what is currently on the books is confirmed. However, that won’t be the end of the matter, as the former “19 Kids and Counting” star will still be on probation for 20 years. Details of Duggar’s probation have already been made public.


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