How Johnny Depp was tried to be fired from Jump Street, 21 (and why he left)


Johnny Depp tried to be fired from 21 Jump Street many times before he eventually left production in the summer of 1990, but why did Johnny Depp leave 21 Jump Street? The series, first shown on April 12, 1987, quickly tells the story of a squad of young undercover police officers who investigate crimes in high schools, colleges and other places for teenagers – their espionage is helped by their youthful appearance. The series “Jump Street, 21” starred characters played by Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson, Peter DeLuise and Dustin Nguyen, and the series later became the famous beginning of Depp’s burgeoning career.

Although Johnny Depp was successful in several supporting roles, such as Glen’s love interest in A Nightmare on Elm Street, it was his casting for the role of Officer Tom Hanson that brought him national recognition in the late 1980s. “Jump Street, 21” quickly cemented Depp’s reputation as a conscientious idol among American teenagers: the actor received at least $45,000 per episode at the peak of his popularity in the series. Depp’s status as an instantly recognizable teen heartthrob marked a turnaround for the young star, who previously worked at a minimum-wage grocery store to complement an unsuccessful music career.

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However, despite giving him his first big break, three-time Oscar nominee Johnny Depp repeatedly tried to be fired from later seasons of 21 Jump Street before the actor eventually left the series in 1990. So how (and why) Johnny Depp left the series “21”. Jump Street? As originally reported by The Telegraph in 2006, Depp trashed his trailer, trying to free himself from the “one-dimensional” character he constantly played, and his status as a teen idol served as a source of strong irritation for the actor on the set of the film. time. Depp was eventually allowed to leave production after the fourth season of 21 Jump Street, after meeting with director Tim Burton, who gave him the opportunity to move on to the more challenging character roles he craved.

Why Johnny Depp left Jump Street, 21

While Johnny Depp remains grateful for the boost that 21 Jump Street gave his early career in film and television, he also remembers being “creatively in jail” in later seasons of the show. In the same interview for the Telegraph, Depp talks in detail about his feelings, stating that “it started to become a bit of a show-off, you know what I mean? It just started to get fake. you know, you just sell it and ship it.” This sense of stagnation, combined with the fact that the series portrays Depp as a teenage heartthrob, quickly led to the actor’s disappointment in the project “Jump Street, 21”.

As a result, Depp reportedly did “everything he could” to get fired from the production of 21 Jump Street. In the end, the hopelessness of “Edward Scissorhands” star Johnny Depp led to the deliberate destruction of his trailer in the hope that he would be excluded from the series, although even this act of irritability could not convince 20th Century Fox to abandon its most popular asset in the middle of the season. In the end, however, Depp was allowed to leave after the filming of the fourth season of 21 Jump Street, where Depp was looking for new pastures after his aforementioned meeting with Burton. Depp continued to play more multifaceted, complex roles, which he always craved under the guidance of a veteran director, and “Jump Street, 21” lasted only one more season after his premature departure from the project. Depp’s name still appeared in the credits of two episodes of the fifth season of “Jump Street, 21”, despite his absence from them.

How did Depp’s departure affect 21 Jump Street?

Johnny Depp’s departure from 21 Jump Street, for obvious reasons, meant the death of the series. Season 5 went straight into off-network syndication as it struggled to match the ratings after Depp and Harry Truman actor and actor Dustin Nguyen left. As soon as it dropped out of its prime time, 21 Jump Street was quickly shut down, and season 5 was the last. However, this was not the complete end of the franchise, as the films starring Channing Tatum and John Hill, “Jump Street, 21” and “Jump Street, 22” breathed new life into the concept. Any answer to the question “why did Johnny Depp leave 21 Jump Street?” includes his desire to take on another job and challenge himself, although in fact it was the death knell for the series. However, for Tatum and Hill, the film franchise turned out to be perfect, as their chemistry was used to hilarious effect.


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